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Have a desire to join the board and give others the knowledge and power to stand up and stop bullying?

Here's how to apply!

Board Applications

Instructions: Print and fill out the application found below, along with the code of conduct signed. Also be sure to review our constitution before applying. Mail your finished application to 19159 Rose Rd. Oregon City Oregon, 97045! Thank you for your interest, and hope to see your submition soon!

Board Memeber Responsibilities:

-Exercise general control of CTFK and coordinate the activities of the association

-Be in communication with the rest of the Executive Board

-Actively support the growth of CTFK.

-Preside over financial discussions and decisions.

-Attend at least 3 of the annual CTFK hosted promotional activities

-Attend 2 monthly meetings

-Attend CTFK presentations


Code of



Letter of 


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