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Watch the members in action and read the opinions of the lives we've touched!

Testimonials and Clips

What do poeple think about us?

Thank you for your advice! I use it everyday...Now I know how to handle those problems. You inspired me to stand up for myself and my friends who are experienceing bullying...I can't wait until next time you come here!

Jada, 4th grade

John McLoughlin Elementary

The fact that my involvement with Continue To Find Kindness has been for over a year and yet I am still filled with passion and excitement to relay our message is a direct example of how influential the work we do is. Every girl is a kind girl; they simply must find the kindness within themselves and keep spreading it with every step they take.

Delaney Kleiner, 16

Former Board Member

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Our guest speaker shares his heartwarming experience as a parent of a severely bullied daughter.

Avi sharing the accountability of bullying beyond High School at our Gardiner presentation!

Devyn shares tips after giving her personal story of bullying in an activity called Courage

Kylee elaborates on the nature of bullying in our Gardiner presentation 

Nicole emphasizes the importance of telling more than one trusted adult your situation if you don't receive results the first time!

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Watch Us in Action!

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