#STANDUP Campaign

CTFK board member Shayla Montgomery was asked to create a project benefiting her community through her involvement in NAM (National American Miss). She debated several options and ideas to impact children and adults ultimately deciding her personal experience with overcoming bullying and participating as a board member on Continue To Find Kindness would support a massive movement called #Standup. The campaign vocalizes stories of conflict and harassment, encourages strategies to resolve these experiences, and promotes a kind culture among the community. CTFK is proud and excited to share Shayla's success as she continues to reach those hoping to share their story about bullying and kindness.

If you would like to get involved and help Shayla in her movement:

1.Write #STANDUP on a blank piece of paper.

2.Take a photo with it and write a paragraph or less in the caption about one of these three topics (How you've overcome bullying, Your bullying story, An example of how you've prevented bullying).

3.Tag Shayla's instagram @ShaylaMontgomery and or Facebook @2017 National American Miss Oregon Jr.Teen.

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